Ets ESCOT, manufacture of natural latex pillows.

Ets ESCOT, manufacture of natural latex pillows


For a more comfortable fit, personalize your 100% natural latex pillow by choosing: its shape (rectangular or square), its size (60x60, 70x50, 60x40, etc ...), its thickness (8, 10, 12 or 14 cm) and its finish (with or without pillowcase, bio cotton or bio linen).




More than a bedding accessory, the pillow plays an essential role in maintaining the neck and head during sleep. Back or neck pain, headaches and stiffness may be a sign that your pillow is not suitable.


The pillows we offer are made with 100% natural latex flakes, which is a natural, dense and elastic material. It has the advantage of being deformed and always coming back even after years of use. Highly resistant, it is anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and nonallergic, its texture allows an optimal aeration during the night. For its maintenance, you can wash the linen in organic linen in machine. The 100% natural latex is biodegradable and thus more environmentally friendly.



Some tips to make the right choice: 


Your pillow is an important part of your comfort, it is chosen in accordance with your morphology and your habit of sleeping in order to respect the alignment of your cervical throughout your sleep.


If you sleep on your back, choose a fluffy pillow that is not too big to keep your head and spine aligned. In this sleeping position, we advise you to choose a pillow of 10 cm thickness. 


If you sleep on the side, instead choose a pillow top and firm so that it does not collapse during your sleep. It must ensure good muscle relaxation and support of the head and cervical while respecting the alignment with the column. In this case, we will refer you to a pillow with a thickness of 12 or 14 cm.


If you sleep on your stomach: although this position is not recommended, we recommend a pillow of 10 cm, as if you were sleeping on your back.