Ets ESCOT, manufacture of 100% natural latex pillows.


In the category of 100% natural latex pillows, two ranges will be available: Bio Coton or Bio Lin as well as many dimensions, eg: 50X30, 60X40, 60X60, 70X50, 65X65, ... Two technologies are available, you will have the choice of fluffy pillows or composed of a single block of 100% natural latex. The flakes that make up this range are kept in an organic cotton envelope and according to the chosen model, a cotton or organic cotton linen case is proposed.
You will have the choice of thickness (8, 10, 12 or 14 cm) so that you can customize your comfort according to your morphology and your sleeping position. A 100% natural latex pillow will give you a consistent support of your neck and your head, throughout your nights.
Natural latex is a material of great longevity, so it is part of a sustainable consumption policy.
The 100% natural latex is anti mites, which will bring you a lasting protection against this nuisance.
For all your installations, we have several blocks of 100% natural latex with custom cutting. Different thicknesses and types of firmness are available.
Our website also has a blog, where you'll find tips on choosing the thickness of your pillow and a selection of articles and tips to help you sleep well.
We remain at 0490150835 to advise you or provide you with technical information about our product range.
All the products we offer are made in France, in our workshops.



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