4 reasons why you are tired in the morning while you sleep well.



To sleep well, it is also necessary to take care of lying down at the same time, as explains it professor David Earnest of Texas A*M Health Science Center College of Medicine. It is imperative to coordinate these two factors to avoid the insomnias.
" Our body has a biological clock of 24 hours, which schedules our hours of sleep ", indicates mister . Earnest. " This one is regulated by two mechanisms: the homéostat, kind of capacity of the dormant needs, and the circadian clock, which regulates the hours of rest. Yet, for years, our schedules prevent this clock from making its work correctly. "
Even if he is sometimes attractive to go out of the daily round, it is him who assures the synchronization of the cycle day before-sleep. To sleep well, it is better to organize his day, even if our lifestyle sometimes establishes an obstacle to this objective. Here is in what our timetable is sometimes incompatible with a repair sleep.


You bring back some work to the house...


" If there is well a thing which pulled this upheaval, and which generates problems to a lot of us, it is the work which we take at home, and shorter nights which go with ", explains our specialist.
" In the face of a tight deadline, we tend to want to finish the job, whatever is the hour. Some time is then needed to return to more regular schedules. The worst, it is for those who make three eight. It is them who are the most affected by sleeping disorders, without counting the pathologies bound to the disorders of the circadian rhythm, in particular the depression. "
Of course, we make as we can, but why not try to settle a schedule of extinction of fires, even when we did not finish his task? Results: we sleep much better and we have less evil to keep regular schedules the next day.


... And your food suffers from it


" All these products at which we nibble in the evening when we jumped the dinner are rich in saturated fatty acids. To consume them before bedtime(sunset) can distort our biological cycles. It is the worst things to do ", becomes alarmed professor Earnest. The dinner is important and must be balanced if we want to avoid sleeping badly.


You do not make enough exercise, or not at the right time


" It is obvious that the sport plays an important role ", he adds. According to him, we can make it at any time of the day, but it is better not to practise of activitées intense just before going to bed, at the risk of preventing the body from getting ready for the sleep. But the biggest problem is not both the hour of the sessions and the general sporting lack. The crenel which is reserved for him is very often the first one to jump in case of overloaded timetable. The physical activity is nevertheless essential to keep good habits of rest: she allows to evacuate the stress and the anxiety who could make us cogitate during the night. Practised regularly, she can even improve the quality of the sleep.


You are rarely outside...


" Most of us work in offices, most of the time without natural lighting. This type of light does not allow our system to synchronize its biological clocks, what raises a problem because we need the sunlight.


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